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Why Choose Us?

It is always an interesting question. 

We are passionate about the industry, but your choice to choose Centia will be because we have enormous experience – collectively more than 100 years! We bring amazing hospitality programs for modern hotel management and operations. The content, delivery mechanism, relevance and participative approach make our training programs lively, interesting and result oriented.

01. Our Values

Our values form the pillars in our content design. Using these value statements, we make every effort to embed within the programs these values in some form.

We are Purposeful      - We have a shared purpose and driven by this shared purpose                                          we want to enable people in the hospitality industry to thrive in                                          their career and their well-being. Our purpose is to raise the                                            level of professionalism in the industry 

We are Passionate     - We love the hospitality industry. It is simply rewarding to see                                            excellent serviced products being delivered to customers. We                                         have been training hoteliers since 2014 and have had the                                                 privilege of instilling in our participants a sense of dedication to                                        their craft to be the best in what they do.

We are Resourceful     - We draw from our continuous research to discover innovative ideas,                                        concepts, technologies, methodologies, systems, processes and                                            procedures to develop our training programs. We are also quick to                                          recognize that training programs have to be constantly tweaked to                                          bring out the best in participants taking into consideration, culture and                                    local influences.


We are Transformative - The industry is constantly evolving. Hotels are in a race to improve                                          margins and deliver exceptional service products. Inevitably hoteliers                                      are faced with a trade-off between the type of service product they                                          want to deliver and the price that is acceptable by the market in which                                    they occupy and attract. At the heart of this trade-off is the inventory                                        and level of skills hoteliers must achieve to balance and                                                         strengthen their relationship with their customers. Our training                                                 programs are designed to bring about that transformation.

We are Honest             - The kernel of all our training programs include adherence to moral and                                   ethical principles, standards of professional conduct, truthfulness and                                     sincerity. Against this backdrop the contents are woven to give                                               participants the skills and knowledge to perform better and recognize                                     the expectations from their customers, colleagues and the                                                       organization.

02. Our Approach

We've developed an approach we have designated as A.I.M, which stands for Assess, Implement & Measure. This 3-step framework is integral to the development and design of our training materials that has created impactful and valuable programs.

Assess     : Prior to any training session, we assess the training needs, the prevailing                                   service culture and any other soft elements such as input by the department                              head or supervisor. The input helps us “tune” our programs to ensure the                                    learning environment, and the content incorporates some of the issues that                                are apparent. We found this process to be highly effective in content                                          development as well as the delivery methodology as well.

Implement : Implementing the training program requires coordination and buy-in from the                              participants and management. All programs are designed and delivered in                                accordance with the principles of Adult Learning where relevance and                                        discussion of the content is fundamental. The content is delivered in various                              formats such as lectures, role playing, presentations, case studies and                                        videos.

Measure   : With all our programs we measure whether the participants have gained                                    insight and understanding and their ability to apply the new skills and                                          knowledge acquired during the program sessions. After the program                                           session, we conduct a post training evaluation with the participants to                                         determine the effectiveness of the training.

03. Our Mission

We strive to be recognized as the preferred training provider in the hospitality industry by delivering relevant state-of-the-art training programs that effectively transfer skills and knowledge so that they can produce and deliver excellent service products.

04. Our Vision

Engage, Enlighten and Empower – Our vision is to develop the human resource potential in the hospitality industry to a professional level through our customised training programs design to build-up the skills, knowledge, ethical behaviour and standards of professional conduct among hoteliers.

05. Our Motto

"Training Tomorrow's Hoteliers" - Today’s learners are the professionals of tomorrow. Our dream begins with this motto, plain and simple.

Our Values
Our Approach
Missio & Vision
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