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Learning should be designed to be relevant so that the learning experience brings out the best in you. When you are equipped with the rights skills and knowledge, you are destined to be more productive, efficient, and effective in your work environment.

Our programs are crafted by placing the Customer as the key recipient of the serviced product. You will learn to understand your work environment, the skills and knowledge to produce excellent service products for your customer. 

These skills and knowledge are crystallized by talented and experienced hoteliers that bring to the forefront the art of modern hospitality.

Featured Programs and Courses

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Top Selling Programs

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(Behavior, Attitude, Skills & Knowledge)

(Behavior, Attitude, Skills & Knowledge)

To change one's experience, you must first change yourself! Learn the fundamentals of your Behavior, Attitude, Skills & Knowledge and enhance your guest experience to the next level

Train The Trainer

Take control of the transfer of knowledge between you and your staff to further upskill them in a systematic method. Fundamentals of Adult Learning and Teaching made easy with T.T.T

Hotel Cost Control

Take a deep dive into Hospitality Cost Control and understand the processes and complexities of a Hotel Cost Control Process and achieve your organizational financial goals.

Improving Customer Experience

Leaving your guest satisfied doesn't only keep them happy, but it keeps them coming back. Learn how to enhance their experience.

Food & Beverage Dept.

Take a deep dive into the core competencies of a professional waiter

Finance for Non Finance

A Hospitality Financial Crash course for the Non Financial Individuals

Meet your TRAINERS

Our dedicated team of Hoteliers, Technical Advisors and Hospitality Analyst brings with us a wealth of industry knowledge from both local and international hotel chains. Our trainers and team are excited to share our knowledge and industry secret with you!

Training is essentially the transfer of knowledge between people. Hence the most important aspect of training comes from the trainer themselves. Find out more about their background, experiences, the wealth of knowledge, and information you will be receiving from your trainers. Meet the team!


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