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Fundamentals of
Hotel Operations

Training Program

In Brief

The Details

Fundamental of Hotel Operations Training Program is a program designed to provide you with Fundamental industry insights, core knowledge and applied skills that will be useful for your career within the Hospitality Industry. 

Understand the different systems & processes and complexities involved in the Hospitality Industry. Whether you may be a industry player or looking into venturing into a new field.

The Fundamentals of Hotel Operations Program will guide you on the right career path or simply refresh your industry skills and knowledge.


Who is this Program for : Industry Players / Students and Fresh Graduates /       

                                             Individuals who wish to upskill, reskill or learn new     

                                              hospitality skills and knowledge

Duration of Program      : 4 Part Training Module / Once a Week / For 1 Month

Program Fee                     : RM250 Per Pax 

Kick off Date                      : 30th March 2021 (FULLY BOOKED)

What is included               : 1. 4 Part Training Module Slides 
                                               2. e-Certificate/ Certificate of Achievement

                                       3. Certificate of Attendence 


 Learning Outcome 


  1. Have an overview of the hotel operations and an appreciation of how each department within the hotel interacts to produce and deliver the service product.

  2. What you do and how you do things with respect to the department’s function and the interaction between departments.

  3. Learn to recognize what can go wrong.

  4. How to blueprint service delivery and identify touchpoints.

  5. Know the key ratios used in the hotel industry.

  6. Learn how to decipher and analyze hotel reports.

  7. How to plan, guide, implement, control and evaluate.

  8. Blueprinting service delivery and understanding touchpoints

  9. Introduction to Key ratios and critical statistics

  10. How to read reports and what do they mean

  11. Management & control – how to plan, guide, implement, control and evaluate

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Get to know who you will you be gaining your knowledge and information from! 





Jude Allen

has served in the industry for well over 40 years in Operational & Administrative Areas of the Hotel. 
Jude's expertise and work experience hails from Brands such as Hilton Hotels, Radisson Asia Pacific. Jude is a Certified HRDF Trainer 

 Jude Allen 

HRDF Certified Hospitality Trainer


Melvin Iskandar Zakaria

has also served in the Hospitality Industry for over 40 Years with 23 years as a Hotel General Manager for various local and International Brands. Melvin's expertise lies within the Operational and Administrative Aspects of a Hotel.

I.Z Melvin

HRDF Certified Hospitality Trainer

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